The New Uniform Policy?

By  Zayra Valencia Recently, rumors have been spreading with regards to a new dress code policy for the upcoming school years. A lot of times, rumors are not true, but sometimes they turn out to be. What if we had our school uniforms changed? I am here to break down each of the rumors so […]

Protests in the Ukraine

By Anthony Garcia On November 24th thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets to protest their government’s actions when it broke trade affiliations with the European Union in favor of Russian influence over the country. Ukrainians are angered by this new take on their economy and wish to cut as many ties as possible with […]

Finals Week

By Jennifer Andrade Winter break is great. Everyone looks forward to winter break throughout the entire school year. What most people don’t look forward to is finals. Finals are time consuming, and stressful. Finals can help or worsen your grade. Once your semester grades are in, they’re in and there is no way of changing […]

The Government Shut Down

By Anthony Garcia On Tuesday October 1st at midnight the United States government officially shut down. This means that all “unnecessary” services stopped functioning, state parks and monuments closed, the IRS and NASA also temporarily shutdown, while hundreds of thousands of other federal workers were not going to work or being paid. Relax, the United […]