10 Fun Facts (Entertainment Edition)

by Melissa Menjivar Bosco chocolate syrup was used for blood in Night of the Living Dead and Psycho. Matterhorn Bobsleds, located in Disneyland, has a built-in basketball court. Although the basketball court is only half the size of a regular court, employees, especially the mountain climbers, go there to play games. According to the Oscar Academy, comedian, […]

Dan Bamm, “Valentine’s Day”

By Alan Mejia

Lord of the Flies Explained in GIFs

By: Jennifer Campos and Jennifer Andrade  We read Lord of the Flies by William Golding in 9th grade and found it surprisingly interesting. Therefore, we decided to share it in a creative way through GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). Basically: moving pictures. The story begins with a group of young boys whose plane crashes on a […]

Valentine’s Day

By: Zayra Valencia Valentine’s Day is not a day dedicated just for couples; it is also day celebrating friendship. Valentine’s Day is only one day out of the year. Do not spend your Valentine’s Day doing the cliches. Guys and girls, do not give your spouse a box of chocolate it is not going to […]

Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions?

By: Zayra Valencia Almost an entire month has passed since the New Year; how have you been keeping up with your resolutions? For some people, maybe most people, they have not followed through with their resolutions. Some people who are currently doing a good job of keeping up with their resolutions will unfortunately lose focus […]

There Is Nothing Like Prom!

By Angela Ramirez Prom is one of those things that people think about before and after entering high school. You think about the dress, the tux, the hair, the make up, the limo, the friends, the date, the pictures, and the after party. It’s one of the biggest events in our high school career before […]

The Fault in Our Stars: Book Review

By Michelle Hernandez I went on reading The Fault in Our Stars thinking I was unable to connect with the characters knowing they had a terminal disease. This made it seem that I would be incapable of going on caring for the characters knowing they would soon die. It led me to a sense of […]

Expectations of an Ant

by Dominique Simpson Constantly moving Constantly working Constantly constant All the things you never seem to comprehend Sucking the sympathy from those willing to give it Filling up your body with the false comfort of a bottle To the point where only the claimed comfort is left Never seeing the inflicted pain you bring All […]

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2013 Review

by  Zayra Valencia and Melissa Menjivar Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Fun Rate:    Scare Rate: The “Evil Dead: Book of the Dead” was the absolute best maze of the night! This by far was the most detailed maze; every section of maze represented the most important and memorable movie scenes from the Evil Dead. […]

10 Fun Facts

1. Terrafugia is the world’s first flying car 2. A woman with a PhD in mathwon the scratch lottery fourtimes(about $21 million) by figuring out the algorithm of the ticket production 3. Bangkok’sKasetsart University makes studentswear anti-cheatinghelmets during mid-term exams 4. The first common toilet was created by Thomas Crapper ( No, we’re not lying.) 5. […]