By: Sarai Martinez

After applying to a university, seniors tend to have a temptation to find out if they have been accepted or rejected to their dream university. I was exactly like that. In February, I wrote an article on getting rejected by the University of Long Beach, but now I have been accepted to my dream university, California State University of San Bernardino.

This school has an amazing campus with an incredible mountain view. The campus is beautiful, but I waited to check the classes that they offered. Their motto is “Come Here, Go Anywhere” because if you attend this university it can take you to multiple places. They have a very high number of applicants a year, approximately 10,915 a year. The university is also very diverse. The faculty is very small and, if I’m not mistaken, the class size 30 students in a classroom. To me this is a perk because it will be easier for me to understand and focus more in class.

I am looking forward to starting college and beginning my college life. I still remember how when I submitted my application I wanted to know if I had been accepted or rejected. I was so scared of getting rejected and when I received their letter to inform me I had been admitted to their university my heart literally stopped. I didn’t want to open that letter because my future depended on it. Their acceptance wasn’t going to stop me from reaching my goals, but it is going to help! (Yay!)


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