The New Uniform Policy?

By  Zayra Valencia

Recently, rumors have been spreading with regards to a new dress code policy for the upcoming school years. A lot of times, rumors are not true, but sometimes they turn out to be. What if we had our school uniforms changed? I am here to break down each of the rumors so that you don’t have to.

Rumor One

One of the rumors is supposedly that there will be grey polos and black pants for everyone. Why is this? It could be for a lot of reasons–less division between the grades, no more need to buy new shirts each year, and so on. But the most scandalous rumored reason for changing the school dress code is because of girls. Some girls who are on their menstrual cycle often stain their pants more easily because khaki pants are a lighter color (sorry if this too explicit). Because administrators have consistently had to excuse girls from school, the issue has apparently become intolerable to the extent that the entire school dress code will have changed by next school year.

I can not speak on behalf of the juniors, but I have been looking forward  to wearing the black polo shirts for a long time and a sudden change would be quite unfair and disappointing. Changing the polo shirts to grey and pants to black will make DOMHS look very similar to Gertz Ressler High School students, a nearby Alliance high school, because the seniors there wear charcoal grey and black pants. Most schools have different uniforms whether it’s different  shades of colors that separate schools’ uniforms. However, it seems that the new school uniforms might be similar to the colors that Gertz students wear. I am not trying to ridicule Gertz Ressler students; however, variety and school pride is important.  Uniforms are similar to mascots; every school has their own mascot to represent their school and portray pride, so why can it not be the same for school uniforms?

Rumor Two

Another rumored dress code policy is that the shirts next year will be grey, but the pants will remain khaki. This might be because of similar reasons as above, to promote unity between all of the classes. It is said that the reason behind not changing the khaki pants to black pants is because too many students already own plenty of  khaki pants to last them another school year, so parents would not have to pay for new school pants.

To add further analysis to the choice of color, the color grey is a depressing and emotionless color. According  to a chart shown on Different Colors Describe Happiness vs. Depression, the “best” color that resembles depression and anxiety is grey, the possible future colors of our school uniform shirts. And although making one standard uniform for the school might unite the lower-class men and upper-class men, it is a privilege to update school shirts ever year for the students.

Rumor Three

Lastly, there’s a very huge possibility that there probably is not going to be a new school policy because it is too late in the school year to make such a radical modification to the school dress code.

Even though some rumors may be convincing, it is important to remember that the truth is something that is valid and authorized. None of these three rumors have been officially authorized by the administrations. These rumors are simply things that have said and heard. 


Whatever the truth may be we must remember that the purpose of having uniforms is to benefit the students as a whole although the circumstances sometimes might be unfair or disliked for certain students.


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