Dear Olivia

Question: How can someone get over their fear of public speaking?

Getting over your fear of public speaking might seem like a challenge for some. There are different aspects of getting over your fear, but maybe understanding why you’re afraid to speak in front of a crowd should be the first one to figure out. For example, are you afraid to speak in front of a crowd because of the pressure of speaking correctly or because of the sudden attention? When it comes to the pressure of speaking, I’ve been told that imagining your audience in their underwear releases pressure. Now of course the whole imagining everyone in their under garments isn’t the best solution for everyone. But the concept of trying to calm yourself while in front of people is definitely a great solution, so for example focusing on one person while speaking or even looking straight ahead may be good, whichever you prefer. When it comes to the sudden attention try practicing in smaller crowds before your big speech. Try practicing in front of your friends and family, so they can give you feedback on your posture and voice level. They can also help build up your confidence which is always good, as well.


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