By: Sarai Martinez After applying to a university, seniors tend to have a temptation to find out if they have been accepted or rejected to their dream university. I was exactly like that. In February, I wrote an article on getting rejected by the University of Long Beach, but now I have been accepted to […]

The New Uniform Policy?

By  Zayra Valencia Recently, rumors have been spreading with regards to a new dress code policy for the upcoming school years. A lot of times, rumors are not true, but sometimes they turn out to be. What if we had our school uniforms changed? I am here to break down each of the rumors so […]

Dear Olivia

Question: How can someone get over their fear of public speaking? Getting over your fear of public speaking might seem like a challenge for some. There are different aspects of getting over your fear, but maybe understanding why you’re afraid to speak in front of a crowd should be the first one to figure out. […]