International Week 2014

By: Angela Ramirez  

This week we are having international week. International week is when our school comes together during lunch/nutrition to learn about cultures from all over.   By playing games from other places of the world, exposing you to different types of food, and showing you the fashion from different cultures.


Monday: Musical Chairs

  •  A game that originated from Victorian England. It is a social game played at parties.

Tuesday: Lotería

  • A game that originated from Itally in the 15th century and was brought to Mexico in 1769. At first the game was a hobby and for the upper class.

Wednesday: Food

  • Thanks our parents, we had different foods brought to us from different cultures  and that originated from different parts of the world

Thursday: Fashion Show

  •  The students will model clothes for us from cultures from all over the world

Friday: Performances

  • Students will perform cultural dances for us using traditional music and clothes.

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