Are you ready for the CAHSEE?

By: Jennifer Andrade 

This goes for all sophomores:

Attention all tenth graders! We are taking the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) on March 18 and 19. We have been prepping for the CAHSEE for quite some time now, so don’t panic.  On March 18 we will be taking the English portion of the CAHSEE and on the 19th we will complete the math section. The CAHSEE is a big deal, do take it seriously. The test is not timed; therefore there is no need to rush. If you fail to pass the CAHSEE, you will not be eligible to receive your high school diploma; however, you can re-take the test up to 3 times until you earn a passing score of 350.  This year our goal is to get 100% pass rate for all sophomores, in both math and English. Everyone believes in our ability, so it’s up to us now, to put in the work and believe in ourselves.

What will the CAHSEE be testing us on?

The English-language arts part of the CAHSEE tests state content standards through grade ten. The reading section includes vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and analysis of informational and literary texts. The writing section covers writing strategies, applications, and the conventions of Standard English (for example, grammar, spelling, and punctuation). Don’t be intimidated by the content on the CAHSEE, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Levitsky, and Ms.Schwerdt have done an amazing job at covering everything that will be on the test.

The mathematics part of the CAHSEE tests state content standards in grades six and seven. The exam includes statistics, data analysis and probability, number sense, measurement and geometry, and mathematical reasoning. Students are also asked to demonstrate a strong foundation in computation and arithmetic, including working with decimals, fractions, and percentages.  Luckily, Ms. Wong and Ms. Huerta have also worked excessively in preparing us for the math portion of the CAHSEE.


What additional things should I do as a student to prepare for the Cahsee?

The CAHSEE will be testing you on content that you have already learned.  Although the material has been implemented into our core classes, it’s necessary to review on our own time.  I would recommend attending tutoring even if you’re not required to, just to review.  You can also use resources, like our notes, to review at home. The Internet also has pretty neat study guides and pretests that are accessible. Remember, the goal is to not just pass with a 350, but to excel and get a nearly perfect, or perfect score of 450.

Good luck to all tenth graders, we can do this!


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