Dear Olivia, What Are Some Good Studying Habits?

Question: What are some good studying habits?

Answer: Studying all depends on the person, of course.

There are certain people that prefer their studying to be strictly visual. Seeing their teacher and or tutor work out problems for them evidently helps them comprehend the subject more.

Or maybe you’re the type of study bee, like yours truly, who requires listening to your favorite music to either block out the world or just receive that extra boost of energy to get you started on a studying spree!

Maybe you are a crammer, even though I don’t recommend it, which can only retain information if you wait till the last minute before an important examines to study. I’ve been told that the pressure helps to stay focused. I, on the other hand, have tried a few times in my high school time to attempt this ‘cramming session’ only to subsequently be rewarded with big beautiful NP’s; sigh.

But there are people out there that don’t even deal with the pressure or studying. They just understand everything about that subject just from the class session alone. Those are the lucky ones, I say.

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