Rejection (?)

By Sarai Martinez 

This is for all seniors: Have you gotten rejected from any universities?

Well, shamefully, I have, but since the beginning I knew that California State University Long Beach was a difficult university to get into.

When I got the letter I was devastated to find out that I wasn’t good enough for a college. After I calmed down, I reread the rejection letter and found out that I didn’t get rejected because my grades were too low, but because CSULB receives over 83,000 undergraduate applications. I understood that there are people out there that tried harder than me, studied more rigorously, and did more extra curricular activities.

What the rejection letter showed me is that I need to step up my game. The rejection letter didn’t destroy me; it made me conscious of my weaknesses. And I reminded myself that I got two acceptance letters already, so one rejection isn’t really that bad.

CSULB also wasn’t my dream university. I’m still waiting to get a respond from UC Riverside. That’s the university my parents want me to go to, and I want to go there too. At first I wanted to go to Concordia University of Irvine, but then once I took the time to look more in depth at UC Riverside, I fell in love with. I know that’s the school for me. And if it’s meant to be, I will get an acceptance letter.

So, for the rest of you seniors that haven’t gotten accepted to any universities don’t feel bad. Maybe they are saving the best for last.

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