Lord of the Flies Explained in GIFs

By: Jennifer Campos and Jennifer Andrade 

We read Lord of the Flies by William Golding in 9th grade and found it surprisingly interesting. Therefore, we decided to share it in a creative way through GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). Basically: moving pictures.

The story begins with a group of young boys whose plane crashes on a deserted island.

plane crash

Piggy and Ralph are introduced, and they find a conch near a swamp.


Piggy and Ralph blow the conch and begin to gather and meet as more boys arrive.


They learn that they are stranded and begin to enjoy their freedom.


The boys begin to act on their barbaric desires and turn into savages.

savages gif

As the boys are blinded by fear and brutality, two of the boys are killed.

murder gif

The story ends with the boys hunting Ralph and then discovering a naval officer on the beach sent to rescue them.

rescued gif


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