Dear Olivia, What Are Some Good Studying Habits?

Question: What are some good studying habits? Answer: Studying all depends on the person, of course. There are certain people that prefer their studying to be strictly visual. Seeing their teacher and or tutor work out problems for them evidently helps them comprehend the subject more. Or maybe you’re the type of study bee, like […]

Dear Olivia, What Is the Meaning of Life and Other Important Questions?

Question(s): Dear Olivia, What is the meaning of life? If the wind blew down a great tree at a time and place and there was no conscious being to hear, would there be any noise? Do we have free will? Why is there something rather than nothing? Where is the line between insanity and creativity? […]

Dan Bamm, “Valentine’s Day”

By Alan Mejia

Dear Olivia, How Do You Convince Someone to Change?

Question: Someone told me that in order to make someone change, I must change first. Is that an efficient way to influence someone to change? Answer: Changing someone will take some effort. Depending on the change, I would say that if you want it badly, then give it all you’ve got. And if it means […]

Rejection (?)

By Sarai Martinez  This is for all seniors: Have you gotten rejected from any universities? Well, shamefully, I have, but since the beginning I knew that California State University Long Beach was a difficult university to get into. When I got the letter I was devastated to find out that I wasn’t good enough for […]

Lord of the Flies Explained in GIFs

By: Jennifer Campos and Jennifer Andrade  We read Lord of the Flies by William Golding in 9th grade and found it surprisingly interesting. Therefore, we decided to share it in a creative way through GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). Basically: moving pictures. The story begins with a group of young boys whose plane crashes on a […]

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