Valentine’s Day

By: Zayra Valencia

Valentine’s Day is not a day dedicated just for couples; it is also day celebrating friendship.

Valentine’s Day is only one day out of the year. Do not spend your Valentine’s Day doing the cliches.

Guys and girls, do not give your spouse a box of chocolate it is not going to last them more than a year, and the flowers you are thinking of giving them will probably die within a week or two.

Going to watch a movie on Valentine’s Day or for a date in general is a waste of time. All you will do is sit next to each other for about two hours in dead silence; how awkward is that?

Taking your love to dinner can happen on any other day, and spending your Valentine’s Day at some restaurant isn’t spontaneous or romantic; it is something you and your significant other can practically do on any day of the year.

Valentine’s Day should be adventurous, fun, and meaningful. Valentine’s Day is a little over two weeks away, so think outside-the-box and plan something memorable for your significant other. Put some thought into your plans or gift; do not just do what everyone else is doing. By doing this, your Valentine’s Day this year will even more special.

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