Protests in the Ukraine

By Anthony Garcia

On November 24th thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets to protest their government’s actions when it broke trade affiliations with the European Union in favor of Russian influence over the country. Ukrainians are angered by this new take on their economy and wish to cut as many ties as possible with Russia. Ever since the Soviet Union broke up and created countries such as Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and the Ukraine, the government has been trying to  gain influence in those countries. Many take this large scale protest as a “second independence” from Russia.

The Russian government has also offered to absolve $15 billion of the Ukraine’s debt to its own debt in order to persuade the Ukrainian government to continue the Russian influence in its government.

If you have the time, search online for “Ukranian protests.” The images you find will be powerful and hopefully will make you think about the situation, the way they made me. Here are a few that really stuck with me:


photo on right from:


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