The Fault in Our Stars: Book Review

By Michelle Hernandez

I went on reading The Fault in Our Stars thinking I was unable to connect with the characters knowing they had a terminal disease. This made it seem that I would be incapable of going on caring for the characters knowing they would soon die. It led me to a sense of detachment towards the characters at first, but what I found great about this book was how John Green captured the beauty of his characters and kept their spirits alive throughout the whole book. Green, despite the circumstances of the characters, made the sweetest memories. He was able to make me giggle at Hazel and Augustus’ dry humor towards the grimmest situation. I found their attitude towards their situation to be very mature which made me forget at times they were kids my age! Green’s way of writing made it every word have a meaning. He found a way to end a devastating situation in the most beautiful way.


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