Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2013 Review

by  Zayra Valencia and Melissa Menjivar

Evil Dead: Book of the Dead

Fun Rate:   

Scare Rate:

The “Evil Dead: Book of the Dead” was the absolute best maze of the night! This by far was the most detailed maze; every section of maze represented the most important and memorable movie scenes from the Evil Dead. One of the amazing sections of the maze was when the scare-actor pretended to cut her tongue in half.  We thoroughly enjoyed this maze- so we decided to go through it again. Looking back,  we probably would have entered this maze one more time.

In every section of  the maze there was at least one scare-actor scaring you.In one of the sections of the maze three scare-actors manage to scare one of us at the same time. This has never happened to neither of us before in the previous years that we have gone to Halloween Horror Nights.

Insidious:Into the Further

Fun Rate:

Scare Rate:

“Insidious: Into the Further” was the creepiest maze of the night; we got chills in every section of the maze. It was nearly impossible to distinguish who was the scare actor and who was a dummy, giving the entire maze an element of surprise.

The maze was well constructed. The details throughout the maze made us feel as if we were in the actual movie. Every inch of the maze contained a detail from the movie. We could tell that “Insidious: Into the Further” was one of the mazes that the set designers put a lot of thought into creating.

Black Sabbath: 13-3D

Fun Rate:

Scare Rate:

“Black Sabbath:13-3D” wasn’t scary at all-except for a part where the scare-actors are wearing body suits that camouflage with the walls.

Some of the scare-actors were completely visible, because the maze was colorful and lit with blacklight. When the scare-actors would jump out of their hiding positions, our group wouldn’t get scared or flinch; we could see where they were coming from.

The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven

Fun Rate:

Scare Rate:

This year at Halloween Horror Nights three attractions were based on AMC’s The Walking Dead, one of which was “The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven” maze. “The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven” felt like a fairly long maze-but we probably felt this way because The Walking Dead was the main theme of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Last year was the first year that Halloween Horror Nights created a maze based on The Walking Dead series. Compared to last year’s Walking Dead maze, “The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven” was better.

What we enjoyed most about this maze was that it was completely different from last year’s Walking Dead maze. We did not feel that the maze was scary, because we are not scared of zombies. However, we did hear many people scream in the maze. If you are terrified of zombies, then this maze would have been the scariest maze for you.

El Cucuy: The Boogeyman

Fun Rate:

Scare Rate:

El Cucuy is one of the scariest legends for Latin Americans. El Cucuy is the hispanic version of The Boogeyman. El Cucuy is a monster that comes in the night for kids who misbehave, disobey, or disrespect their parents. Parents in Latin American countries often tell their children “Portate bien o sino el Cucuy va á venir por tí.” In English, these parents tell their misbehaving children “behave because if you don’t the Boogeyman will come for you.” Having grown up with this legend and knowing the story behind El Cucuy, this maze was a way of us facing our childhood fears. You may think ouropinion is biased because one of us Mexican; however, this maze was truly one of the scariest this year at HHN. You do not need to know who El Cucuy is in order to get scared in this maze. “El Cucuy: The Boogeyman” was one of the most detailed mazes this year at HHN. One of the most detailed sections that we remember( because we were not running at the time)  was decorated with toys and dolls that belonged to the children El Cucuy kidnapped. How much more creepy can a maze get?

Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection featuring the Music of Figure

Fun Rate:

Scare Rate:

The “Universal Monsters Remix” was an upgraded version of the “House of Horrors”. People who have been to the “House of Horrors” at Universal Studios Hollywood know that there they will encounter classic horror movie monsters, such as Frankenstein’s monster, Chucky (the killer doll), Dracula, and the Wolfman- just to name a few. In “Universal Monsters Remix”, your experience with all of the classic horror movie monsters is a lot more intense. The scare-actors in “Universal Monsters Remix” have different hiding spots from when they usually are in the “House of Horrors”. We have been into the “House of Horrors” countless times, yet when we entered “Universal Monsters Remix” we still got scared and it was almost a completely different maze for us. It seems that the central idea of this maze is that the lighting and music played is suppose to distract you from being alert, thus increasing the element of surprise. This strategy was clever and effective. Many people in our group and people in front of us and behind us fell for this and became the victims of this new element of surprise. We believe this maze will pave a pathway for new scaring-strategies to come.

Terror Tram: Invaded by the Walking Dead

Fun Rate:

Scare Rate:

This year’s Terror Tram was again invaded by the Walking Dead.  Sadly, the Terror Tram was just as terrible and disappointing as last year. Not once did we scream-let alone jump- when zombies approached or launched out at us. The only thing that startled us was the symphony of the chainsaws. We rated this attraction one bat, solely, because we thoroughly enjoy  when the scare-actors use chainsaws. If there would have been no chainsaws, then we would have rated this attraction zero bats.

We understand that this attraction was brought back this year not because the attraction itself is good but because The Walking Dead series has a large fan-base. We believe that if it weren’t for its fans, the Terror Tram and the other Walking Dead attractions probably wouldn’t have returned to Halloween Horror Nights for a second year. Although all three attractions did in fact improve in quality this year,  last year’s disappointing Walking Dead attractions made it seem as though they wouldn’t return.


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