The Perks of Applying to College

By Sarai Martinez

Just a couple years ago I was a sophomore at Dr. Olga Mohan High School, but time flashed before my eyes, and suddenly I’m a senior applying to colleges. Two weeks ago all seniors submitted their Cal-State applications. We did the applications in the senior’s art class, and they took a lot of time and effort to complete. It took around four weeks for all seniors to finish their college applications, and we are still missing one student. There was a process that all seniors had to follow but we first had to fill out our applications and then get them checked by our counselor Ms. Diaz and our amazing art teacher Ms. Lim. If they gave their okay, then we were ready to submit. Ms. Lim, Ms. Diaz, and Ms. Bonilla were very proud of each senior that finished their application; they even took a picture of the students submitting their application.

I had a hard time filling out my Cal-State because I didn’t know my family information. It took me two weeks to finish my application and I was the 50th person to turn in my application.  That’s nothing to be proud of, but I’m proud that I finished. The universities I applied to were Cal-State Los Angeles, Cal-State San Bernardino, Cal-State Dominguez Hills, Cal-State Long Beach. I’m glad I applied for Cal-State and I even received my fist letter of acceptance for Cal-State Dominguez Hills!


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