The Fault in Our Stars: Book Review

By Michelle Hernandez I went on reading The Fault in Our Stars thinking I was unable to connect with the characters knowing they had a terminal disease. This made it seem that I would be incapable of going on caring for the characters knowing they would soon die. It led me to a sense of […]

Expectations of an Ant

by Dominique Simpson Constantly moving Constantly working Constantly constant All the things you never seem to comprehend Sucking the sympathy from those willing to give it Filling up your body with the false comfort of a bottle To the point where only the claimed comfort is left Never seeing the inflicted pain you bring All […]

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2013 Review

by  Zayra Valencia and Melissa Menjivar Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Fun Rate:    Scare Rate: The “Evil Dead: Book of the Dead” was the absolute best maze of the night! This by far was the most detailed maze; every section of maze represented the most important and memorable movie scenes from the Evil Dead. […]

The Perks of Applying to College

By Sarai Martinez Just a couple years ago I was a sophomore at Dr. Olga Mohan High School, but time flashed before my eyes, and suddenly I’m a senior applying to colleges. Two weeks ago all seniors submitted their Cal-State applications. We did the applications in the senior’s art class, and they took a lot […]