SAT and ACT Testing Tips

By Angela Ramirez

If you’re in the 11th grade you know that preparing for the SAT’s and the ACT’s are stressful and frustrating.  But not to worry, I will give you tips for preparing and tips for the test taking day.

Preparing for the test…

Do not wait until your junior-senior year to take the test. Don’t let that be the first time you take these test.

· You can start taking these tests as early as sophomore year and you can start taking the PSAT and PACT as early as your freshman year.

· When you become a junior, make sure that you take your SAT English and Math classes seriously because they can help you a lot in the long run.


Taking the test…

1. SAT and ACT tips

·DO NOT TAKE TO LONG ON ONE QUESTION! The test is timed to try to answer the easy questions and then go back to answer the harder one (if you have time left over.)

·ON THE SAT DO NOT GUESS! You will lose points for every wrong answer… it’s best to leave it blank if you are unsure.

· MAKE SURE TO GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP. During the test, you want to be ready and prepared to do your best. Not be sleepy in the middle of the test (if you do not sleep well the night before, that will affect you score.)

· EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST BEFORE THE TEST. A good breakfast can help you stay focused throughout the test.

· YOU CAN GUESS ON THE ACT! You will not lose any points for any wrong answers, so try to narrow down your answers and use your best judgment.

And finally you WILL need the following things:

*Two No.2 pencils and a soft eraser

*A permitted calculator with fresh batteries

*A watch (with no alarm)



By: Angela Ramirez 


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