“Staff Interviews”: Meet Ms. King

Here at the Bulldog Times we are coming up with a new series dedicated to interviews of new staff members and faculty on campus called “New Staff”. We have created this series to introduce the new staff members to the student body. Our first interview is with Ms. King, the new Geometry teacher. I interviewed Ms. King today during lunch to get to know her better.

Jennifer: When did you become interested in teaching? Why?

Ms. King:  I became interested in teaching while substituting in between acting jobs. After substituting I realized that I liked building relationships with students, and I ended up preferring teaching over auditioning.

Jennifer: Where did you work before Dr. Olga Mohan High School?

Ms. King: I worked at Locke High School, in Watts, California where I taught Algebra 2 and CAHSEE prep.

Jennifer:  what have you liked about DOMHS so far?

Ms. King: I like the students, they are eager and stoked about learning, and I also like the culture of the school.

Jennifer: Do you have a favorite hobby? Or any random facts?

Ms. King: I love playing board games, and I am obsessed with art, art museums, and traveling.

Jennifer: As a child did you want to be a teacher? What other professions were you interested in?

Ms. King: I always wanted to be an actress, although I changed my college major four times. I went from majoring in peer mathematics, political theory, international studies, to theatre.

Jennifer: what college/ University did you attend?

Ms. King: I went to UCSD for my undergrad and UCLA for my masters.

Jennifer: what do you like most about being a teacher?

Ms. King: Learning from my students is what I like the most.

Jennifer: if you were to teach another subject besides Geometry, what would you teach?

Ms. King: if I were to teach another subject besides Geometry, I would teach Art History, or Earth Science.

Jennifer: what are your goals as a teacher?

Ms. King: My goal as a teacher is getting my students to see the world through a mathematical lens.

Jennifer: In your opinion, what is the toughest aspect of teaching?

Ms. King: The toughest aspect about teaching is never settling. I always want my students to challenge themselves, because there is always room for improvement.


By Jennifer Andrade 


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