10 Fun Facts

1. Terrafugia is the world’s first flying car


2. A woman with a PhD in mathwon the scratch lottery fourtimes(about $21 million) by figuring out the algorithm of the ticket production

3. Bangkok’sKasetsart University makes studentswear anti-cheatinghelmets during mid-term exams


4. The first common toilet was created by Thomas Crapper ( No, we’re not lying.)

5. Positive text messages from people you care about can actually have a good influence on your body and improve your mood

6.Diet soda destroys your tooth enamel as much meth and crack cocaine

7. A man renovated a three story hotel specifically to kill people. It included stairways to nowhere and a maze with over 100 windowless rooms. He killed as many as 200 people in the hotel. The skeletons of his victims were sold to medical schools.

8. The scent that lingers after a nice rains is called “petrichor”

9. Billy Ray Harris was a homeless man who returned an engagement ring worth thousands of dollars after Sarah Darling accidentally dropped into his change cup. Sarah and her fiance set up a fundraising page and raised $180,000. Billy then used this money to buy a house and get a job.

10. Beijing subway owners offer their riders to pay their bills through the use of plastic bottles


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